15 late night behaviors that cause obesity, insomnia and nightmares!

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 Let’s check whether you enjoy doing these activities late at night. If yes, then there is no doubt why he is gaining weight. Can’t lose weight for a while Or insomnia and nightmares almost every night!

under the obesity Under the insomnia that is and under his sleep the nightmares he saw and remembered Do you believe that everything that happens to you has a common origin? Especially if you tend to do these behaviors before going to bed as well. It’s too difficult to break free from obesity. Insomnia and nightmares! But what kind of late-night behavior will be the cause? Let’s check it out.

1. Have a heavy dinner

          Eating a full dinner will risk accumulating enough fat in the body already. But not only that. Because when we eat too much dinner, too full, the body takes a long time to digest the food in the stomach. This may cause the digestive system to prolong its working time. and can disturb our sleep

          In addition, eating more than your stomach may cause indigestion, tightness, bloating, and flatulence, resulting in restless sleep, nightmares, and ultimately insufficient sleep. The risk of obesity increases further. 

2. No dinner.

          When you skip dinner altogether, your digestive system will fluctuate quite a bit as well. resulting in flatulence Stomach bloating from stomach acid not being used properly Or some people may experience nausea. Feeling so hungry that you can’t sleep Trouble causing the hormones in the body to be completely confused Then believe me that When you wake up in the morning, you’ll be super hungry, and you may even want to eat sweets!

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3. Eat fried food for dinner.

          Foods that are high in fat such as fried foods, pork knuckle, or whatever. It is a food that the body takes a long time to digest. Disrupts sleep and rest of the body. It can lead to nightmares of sleep as well. And it’s well known that High-fat diets are already fat-friendly. So if you don’t want to be fat don’t want nightmares don’t want to sleep Try to avoid high-fat foods in the evening as far as possible. 

4. Eat spicy food. Eating spicy food in the evening especially during the time close to bedtime It’s something that randomly risks having nightmares until you don’t get enough sleep anyway because spicy food stimulates the body’s metabolic system to wake up. Which seems to be good for weight loss , right? But no … because do not forget that while we sleep. The body should need peace to get a good night’s sleep. Yes, when the metabolic system will come to be so hilarious!

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5. Eat sweets before bedtime.

          If you don’t want to be fat, you shouldn’t eat sweets after 6 pm in all respects. Because in addition to the calories in desserts are high then eating sweet food Especially if it’s the sweetness that comes from the sweetener instead of sugar. This increases the risk of insomnia or nightmares. Because such synthetic substances are foreign substances that the body takes quite a long time to digest. Therefore, the digestive system must work overtime again there. 

6. Eat snacks while watching TV.

who likes to watch movies watch a drama before going to bed And there must be snacks to solve loneliness, eat and enjoy as well. But it may also cause you to not sleep well. and may have nightmares Because in most snacks, there are often ingredients that provide sweeteners instead of sugar. Or at least there may be other synthetic substances used to mix food. The body cannot digest or metabolize these substances immediately. Harassing the metabolism and digestive system to work hard.

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7. Tech Caffeine Into Your Body

          I know that caffeine wakes up the brain from drowsiness. Therefore, if we add caffeine to the body within 4-6 hours before going to bed. It is most likely that he will not be able to sleep that night. Restlessness may lead to nightmares. And of course, when you don’t get enough sleep, your body is at risk for other obese behaviors.

          Oh! And don’t assume that caffeinated foods are just coffee or tea, because there’s actually a much more caffeinated list of foods we’d like you to know about – 6 Caffeinated

        Foods . If you don’t drink coffee, you can’t escape. 

8. Drink before bedtime.

          Alcohol doesn’t help you sleep better as you think, because beer, wine, liquor, and other types of alcohol actually contain chemicals that act on the brain that cause insomnia. Especially if drinking alcohol within 4-6 hours of bedtime. At first after drinking it may make you feel drowsy. But when the effect of alcohol is gone, the body will be awake. And may feel the pain of urinating often until you have to wake up in the middle of the night periodically. Also, do not forget that with me. each type of alcohol Calories are not that small.

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9. Go to bed immediately after dinner.

          Some people quit working late. Therefore, it is necessary to eat late dinner as well. And it ends with a full meal, shower and go to bed. Of course, in this case, there will be a tight cork. make sleep uncomfortable risk of gastroesophageal reflux disease And may have nightmares because of our restless sleep.  http://ufabet999.com

10. Eat full and don’t move. A 2013 study showed that People who are full and sit on the sofa or just sitting around watching TV This group of people is more at risk of obesity than those who finish dinner and move to do small household chores such as sweeping the house, mopping the house or taking the dog out for a walk for at least 10 minutes. future Let’s move after dinner to stimulate the metabolism a little better. 

11. Eat dinner in front of the TV.

          Research from the University of Brightingham found that a group of volunteers who ate dinner. Watching TV together will enjoy that meal and eat more food than the group who sits at the dinner table. Plus, watching TV during your meal can keep you entertained until the end of your meal and you won’t want to leave. Reduce the chances of moving the body, increasing the capacity of the metabolism itself.

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12. Work before going to bed.

          Workaholics need to know that Checking work emails before bed or clearing work before bed can cause you to lose sleep and gain weight. Because working at this time can put stress on your brain while you sleep. Resulting in the risk of dreaming vividly until the body does not get enough rest. 

13. Play a smartphone before bedtime.

          You should have heard that the smartphone will emit blue light through the screen even though we cannot see it with our eyes. The blue light that is harmful to our health quite a bit. especially at night If we play smartphones before bed The body may be exposed to blue light to interfere with the work of melatonin. Hormones are important for the body’s sleep. Causing us to insomnia, sleep, nightmares and spread to the point of gaining weight. because the body will send out the hormone cortisol Makes the next day we will feel like eating only sweet food. fast food To refresh the body to feel awake. recover from exhaustion due to insufficient sleep

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14. Sleep late every day

           I repeat, not getting enough sleep can really make you fatter, according to Dr. Stuart Quan, a sleep specialist from the Faculty of Medicine. Harvard University It released the results of a study in October 2015 that sleep directly affects obesity risk. It was found that people who sleep less than 5 hours per night. They are 45% more likely to be obese. Studies have shown that inadequate sleep can cause abnormal blood sugar levels and increase ghrelin, the hunger hormone. climb It also causes the hormone leptin (Leptin), which is a hormone of satiety, to decrease. Therefore causing us to be hungry more often

          Insufficient rest also affects eating habits. It will make us choose to eat foods such as snacks, sugar, caffeine, high-calorie foods. high carb diet and more alcohol than normal It may also result in irregular eating. Or do not eat 3 meals a day, which is the cause of my obesity. 

15. Set an alarm clock. Some people intend to sleep and wake up at noon. The behavior of sleeping late that we have always been used to is the root cause of obesity. Because staying up late will cause us to miss the very important breakfast. As one research has said, Eating high-protein foods at breakfast will help you stay on track throughout the day. makes you feel less hungry The risk of obesity is less than those who miss breakfast quite a lot. And if you still don’t believe it, check this out