Owen point out that the score lost 7-0, indicating

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Owen point out that the score lost 7-0, indicating that Manchester United were not ready to be a challenger for the Premier League title.

Former Liverpool and Manchester United striker Michael Owen has slammed Erik ten Hag’s current side, saying they are not ready to challenge for the Premier League title with Manchester United. City or Arsenal clearly with a 0-7 defeat to Liverpool, a terrible record at Anfield.

The defeat, though, has yet to affect third-placed Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur, who also lost their games on Saturday. But it adds even more distance to the Red Devils, with their two leading teams, Arsenal and Manchester City, as the top two have all won their own games this week.

Owen reflected after the last game at Anfield that it was a clear complaint that Manchester United were not yet ready to challenge for the league title. Even though it’s theoretically possible. Including that he had already won 1 championship, the Carabao Cup, and was on the path of chasing 3 more championships this season.

“We shouldn’t think, ‘Oh, they’re a title contender. And will win every item ‘ but first, “The former Baby Goal striker stated, “They are still a little behind. compared to a team like Manchester City.”

“The team that is more serious is Arsenal, they are doing well. Consistency, but in the part of Manchester United, they didn’t make me bounce up and think. ‘This is the team that will be phenomenal in the Premier League next season’.

“I’m actually impressed with the development United have had, but they’re still a long way off. You don’t have to count today’s results at all. But of course, when the result comes out like this The more you have to look at them better.”